October's Release Notes are here!

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To check out our latest Release Notes visit: https://support.atera.com/hc/en-us/articles/7066476003484


  1. Your AI assistant is here, there, and everywhereLearn more
    1. Tickets page: Ticket resolutions at lighting speed.
    2. Devices page: Generate scripts, OIDs, and terminal commands.
  2. Schedule shutdown actions: Log out, restart, and shut down for individual or fleet of devices, without needing to set up IT automation profiles. Learn more
  3. Alerts page upgrade: Insights into device availability, find alerts effortlessly with our new search bar. Learn more
  4. Windows agent uninstall prevention: The Atera Windows agent has been further secured with improved uninstall prevention features. Learn more
  5. Upgrade to Windows 11: Learn more


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    FYI You can easily access the Release Notes straight from the Community's toolbar above ⬆️