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I want to move our existing ticketing system (jira service desk) to Atera but I find Atera's ticketing feature is lacking one thing that I am looking for.

Basically within the Jira ticketing system I have multiple forms for multiple different requests.

IE: DB access, software licenses, security card modifications, etc... Each of those forms have different custom fields that only appear based on the form being filled out.

Atera appears to only have ONE form that can be used and I cannot very well put every single field used between ALL the different tickets requests on the same form. It would result in a huge form that no one would want to take the time to fill out.

Anyone have any suggestions for this type of implementation?

I was thinking maybe I could build the forms elsewhere, and have the answers emailed to the atera ticket creation system so that it creates the ticket automatically based on the form information.

Has anyone else tried to implement something like this? How did you pull it off?



  • tanderson
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    @divey You could use something like:

    IT Process Automation | Formstack

    Depending on your price point, that may work. Hopefully, Atera will focus on some of the lacking features in the PSA side of the product. They have rounded out the RMM side well, but some major features are missing from the PSA, like custom forms and Ticket Queues for departments.

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    @yakov FYI

  • Matthias
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    @divey I am in exactly the same position as you. I want to get rid of JIRA and struggling with the same issue. Adding another tool next to Atera is not the best part because I've chosen Atera to have it as a main product. If I need to split it up then there is again a new place for administration which is difficult to maintain and maybe difficult to understand for the customer which portal to chose.

    Next to this challenge I am still looking forward for the https integration which I heard is available for SUPERPOWER plan now. Still waiting to get the offer :-)

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    @Matthias https integration for the ticketing portal to be part of your website? Is that what you mean?

  • Matthias
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    @tanderson In Atera → Admin → Customerportal → https://customdomain.tld

    Currently you can only configure http://customerdomain.tld

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    @Matthias Oh yes, I didn't realize you meant https for that. I thought you meant being able to embed the atera customer portal into your own website.

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    Hey all,

    We're actually in the process of finalizing our plans for the introduction of ticket forms/templates.
    We've spoken to multiple customers and decided on an initial implementation that will allow you and the end-users (in the portal) to open a ticket using a form - which will define the necessary custom fields and their order for the specific ticket.
    That way, you will have the relevant information and order in different tickets.

    If you have any thoughts about the above, I'd love to hear them!
    @Matthias, @tanderson, @divey

  • Matthias
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    Hi @yakov

    that is awesome!!

    I got the following questions:

    1. How are the forms being used? Can the customer chose the form?
    E.g. Does the customer open a normal ticket and we assign the form or is the customer requested to fill out the form when opening the ticket?

    2. Can I have different field types per form?
    E.g. I need different details for a technical issue than a sales question.

    3. Can I create forms on demand?
    Please find a simple example for explanation.

    • customer creates a technical ticket in which he describes that the laptop does not boot
    • the laptop will be investigated and the result is a defective hard drive. Therefore I would like to insert a simple form (poll) to let the customer decide
      • order a new HDD and implement it for costs XYZ
      • generate an offer for a new laptop since the defective device is already 7 years old
      • do nothing and return the device

    4. Can I have a form with dependencies?
    For example if value XYZ is chosen in a selectbox then new different form fields become visible or other form fields will be preset with a value?

    5. Which field types will be available?
    E.g. selectbox, radiobox, textfield, date

    6. Do your form fields provide any validation?
    E.g. numbers only, email-address, at least 5 words

    7. Do you allow file upload?

    8. Will it be possible to trigger automation based on a form?

    9. Are the form field results only available as text within the ticket or also for automation?

    Sorry, many question ☺️

    Would it be possible to see some screenshots how this is going to look like? ☺️


  • Yakov
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    Hey Matthias,

    1. At the moment we will give both the end-user (Customer) and you choose a form when creating a ticket, would you prevent the forms from being chosen by users?
    2. Absolutely, but the mandatory fields will remain for now (priority, impact, etc.)
    3. Not sure I understand - in this scenario you'd want an ad-hoc field to be selected by the user? If that's the case, you wouldn't be able to do it out of the box
    4. Not for the MVP
    5. All the fields available in our custom fields (Dropdown, dropdown with dependency, checkbox, number, date & text)
    6. The number field has validation, the rest do not
    7. Yes, both you and users can upload a file while creating a ticket
    8. Yes, this functionality will not be part of the MVP but definitely added down the line - can you please describe a case for automation you'd use?
    9. All the field results will be supported by our automation rules
    10. The design is still a work in progress (;



  • Matthias
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    Hi Yakov,

    thanks for the quick reply.

    1. It would be good if this can be splitted up. I will provide a use-case in point 3.
    2. Are the mandatory fields always visible or can these be pre-selected with a form and therefore be hidden? Less fields for the enduser = less missunderstaning :-)
    3. Yes, it would be either an ad-hoc form or alternatively based on automation. One part which I am missing in Atera is the ticket documentation which maybe can be handled by this feature. I can add custom fields like "Ticket documentation", "Ticket type (after closing)", "Useful logs".. and then I have to manually fill these out. If e.g. when the customer confirms a ticket to be closed I could send the ticket in a status which presents the assignee with a form to fill out this data before it can get closed. This would be an internal form only and independent of the customer form which was chosen when creating the ticket.
    4. OK
    5. OK
    6. OK
    7. Do you mean upload to the ticket itself or being able to make it mandatory for a form?
    8. Please see 3. I would like to display a form based on ticket status. The other way around could be that you assign the ticket based on a selection (e.g. sales or technical department) or if a customer selects a specific product and is not attaching file XYZ then an auto-comment will be made which automatically asks for the data.
    9. OK, maybe some requirements from 8. can already be handled via this. :-)
    10. Looking forward to it

    Best regards,

  • zach
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    Is there any timeline we can expect to see this, even as a demo or trial run? My team is actively looking for a new ticket system as we kept away from Atera for that side after finding we cannot have the custom forms or required sign-in for tickets off the device agents as we have multiple users per PC.

  • divey
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    I too would be interested in any time of demo or trial run for our company.

  • s.todorov
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    Jumping on that train.
    Would love to have different forms per type of ticket (incident, problem, request)
    Think would be beneficial if the default values can be edited to match our companies' needs.
    Any type of workflow that can allow for approval over email.

    Having readable ticket history (including chat history) will also be much appreciated.

  • Yakov
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    Hey all,

    Thank you for all the comments and engagement!
    We will definitely reach out to test the design once we have a direction we're going with.

    I'll try to answer some more questions:

    The default fields are currently controlled in the custom fields area, those will still be controlled from there and a set per all forms at the moment

    We will probably not add the option to require an attachment as part of the MVP

    We will introduce some automation rules on forms (eg. if ticket came from specific email - assign a specific form), essentially adding the form to the "actions" and "conditions" part of our existing ticket automation rules

    We hope to finish development by the end of the quarter, and will support the feature on our newly redesigned ticket page which is currently in beta and being pushed out to more customers every week

    Do you mean the conversation and ticket activity?
    I think you will love our redesigned ticket page (: