Important Update: Uninstall AnyDesk — Recommended Actions

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As a follow-up to our recent communication, we are taking precautionary measures to mitigate potential risks and ensure the continued protection of your data. In line with this, for the time being, we will block any attempt to use AnyDesk within the Atera platform. We are blocking the ‌integration from within Atera, so the AnyDesk button is now inactive.

AnyDesk recommends that you immediately uninstall the AnyDesk software—including older and breached versions—from all your devices as a security precaution. To assist you in this process, we have uploaded a tried and tested script in our Shared Script Library called: “Uninstall Anydesk custom client”.

You can also uninstall AnyDesk in the Settings menu in your Atera Console, by going to Admin > My account > Account settings > Remote access > AnyDesk, then click "Disable and Uninstall" at the bottom.

As an alternative for your remote access needs, we recommend exploring solutions within the Atera platform, such as Splashtop.

We’re working with AnyDesk on a new secured, up-to-date client to enable the integration again. We’ll of course update you when it’s ready and we’ll reactivate the AnyDesk integration.

Our team is committed to providing a secure and reliable experience, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to


Team Atera