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Hi All,

After the recent changes to Splash to now ask for permission to allow control, I have set my servers with the script to allow access after a delay of 30s.

But I am wondering is there as setting to just allow access without the 30sec wait ?!?!?

I know it’s only 30sec but can be frustrating when you’re in rush !



  • tanderson
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    @BEKAHENI Can you attach a screenshot of what is happening? We have no delay when connecting to servers. This may be a misconfiguration issue on your account's back end between atera and Splashtop. The Splashtop paid service has an ask-for-permission setting, but I do not believe we can access those settings if we use Splashtop provided by Atera.

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    Hi Tanderson,

    Just tried it on a few more servers and think I have sussed it! Below was what I was getting, but soon realised that most servers were fine but some that had not had a reboot (prob since the change :( ) Once I rebooted then the delay is gone !!!!