Automations running 12 hours later today

carusom Member Posts: 1
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Is anyone else experiencing automations running 12 hours later then scheduled. i just has 500+ computers reboot in the middle of the workday. NOT COOL Atera. We also have automations that just randomly skipped a week. Can someone please explain what is going on.


  • kristof
    kristof Member Posts: 8

    I would check time zone settings in first

  • MJones
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    I haven't seen this in my instance, but there could be a lot of variables at play.

  • nina
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    Hi @carusom - Nina from Atera here. As @kristof said, please make sure your time zone is set correctly. The time zone is based on your account's local time zone.

    Scheduled restarts will run at the time set up in Atera under Admin > Settings > General > Time zone

    In any event, I have gone ahead and opened a Support ticket for you, #428055.