Scheduled Restart timezones

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Does anyone know what time zone is being used when using the scheduled restart feature which has been implemented in the latest update?

It's Friday 3rd of November, 3:26pm in New Zealand as I'm writing this post.

Friday the 2nd??? is greyed out when I try to schedule a reboot. And when I pick 1am on Saturday 3rd, I'm getting an error message to enter the valid time.

As this is a critical server I must reboot at night, I won't take my chances. It's also quite important that we can trust the system and it won't start rebooting servers during the day.


  • mjones
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    I was wondering the same thing.

    I am guessing it is the TZ of your instance?
    Admin > Settings > General

    The FAQ didn't mention it at all, might need to do some testing to find out

  • nina
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    Hi @gert.verhoeven, @MJones - The time zone is based on your account's local time zone. We updated the Knowledge Base article to reflect that too!

    Scheduled restarts will run at the time set up in Atera under Admin > Settings General >Time zone

    Lastly, there was a bug that the date picker wasn't working as expected, as it wasn't showing the correct weekday. This is now fixed.

    Should you run into any issues, please open a Support ticket or chat so that we can assist! 🙏