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Hi all,

For part of one of our accredations we need to show our SLA acheivements per each contract.

We have power plan so have advanced reporting, I think I have found a way that will give me the results, but it does mean I have to do alot of prep for each ticket for each customer to display it.

Wondered if anyone has configured a report which shows it, its important the report splits the SLA per contract as we have customers who have contracts for several services.

I will crack on with my workaround in the meantime but if anyone has any suggestions I would be most greatful.

Many thanks


  • nina
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    Hi @hayley.rafter - Have you checked out the following Knowledge Base articles?

    Also, in case you missed it, you can search in the Community too and you will get discussions and articles from the Community + Atera's Knowledge Base!

    If you run into any problems with generating the reports, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team, [email protected].

  • hayley.rafter
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    Hi Nina,

    Many thanks for your reply. the issue is we have customers who have multiple different services and the SLA report offers no way of splitting these into individual reports. this means for a security audit we have coming up, it means we cannot split them up from the IT Tickets etc.

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    I wish I knew how to do this as well. It would be especially helpful for an audit. I haven’t gotten the advanced reporting feature yet because I don’t have too much data needing sorting out but as I scale, I know I’ll need it.

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    Hi @hayley.rafter - You may be able to do this with building a custom report, which you can then filter.

    You can then filter by each SLA category and export.

    It would be 2 different exports for each SLA category (due and overdue).

    Let me know if this works for you!

  • nina
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    Hi @hayley.rafter - Did the above work for you? Please lmk!