notifications for availability Servers and SNMP devices

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I have an interesting challenge in Atera, and I hope someone has a
clever solution! Atera provides alerts for various matters, and it works
wonderfully. Every few hours, we review them to see if there's anything
that requires attention. We monitor the regular server and workstation
thresholds, failed logins, software installations, services that fail to
start, SNMP notifications, restarts, unexpected shutdowns, and so on, so we receive quite a few alerts throughout the day.

I don't want to receive push notifications or emails
for all the alerts immediately because it would overwhelm me and I
wouldn't have time for other tasks.

However, we also monitor servers and SNMP devices
for availability. If anything goes down there, I do want to be notified
immediately so that action can be taken promptly, preferably through an
email notification. I've racked my brain but can't find a way to achieve
this. I know I can set Atera up to send all alerts via email, but I only
want to receive alerts related to availability. Who can help me
brainstorm a solution?


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    @frank.pietersma Atera allows the creation of custom threshold profiles. You could create a dedicated threshold profile for critical infrastructure like servers and SNMP devices, which are crucial for availability. Then reconfigure your alerts so only the critical alerts get sent as an email or push notification or opens a ticket.

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    @frank.pietersma All other threshold profiles you can set to be warning or info and have do separate actions.

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    @tanderson Thanks for your idea. When something goes down Atera sends an availability alert. Other things in the threshold are not monitored and alerted anymore because the system is down.
    To reconfigure and change the severity of all alerts for all systems just to get the mail is not what we want. besides when we review alerts we tend to filter and that wouldn't be possible anymore.

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