Atera don't reply to "Out of office" email

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Dear Atera members,

How to force Atera to not reply to "Out of office" automatic reply? (email for Atera tickets) (out of ofice user)

Loop use case:

Technician send new informations via Atera where user1 is out of office.

Outlook reply "Out of office" .

Atera reply "We received your"



  • frank.pietersma
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    Create a custom field "silent" and edit the ticket automation rules for closing and opening tickets.
    When you don't want the auto answer to ruin your life just set the ticket to silent and no emails will be sent.

    We use this for instance when a customer replies on a closed ticket to thank us.
    The ticket is re-opened with the thank you mail. We set the field to "silent" and close the ticket again and so preventing the customer gets another " closed ticket" email.

    This example is for creating tickets but can also be applied on " ticket response received"