Remove Splashtop Business edition

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We're in the process of testing Atera before we start moving devices over. We already have a business license for Splashtop. I noticed that when I try to remote into the device using Atera's Splashtop it breaks both, my business edition and Atera's Splashtop. The only way remote into that device then is to use AnyDesk.

I prefer using Splashtop. Is the only workaround to uninstall Splashtop business then install the Splashtop RMM on each device? What are others doing to automate this?


  • dyoder
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    Hmm, have you looked at the services? The service name for Splashtop RMM is SplashtopRemoteService. Does Splashtop Business use the same name? If Business uses a different name, try stopping that service and then connect to the endpoint via Atera.

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    I would also like to see Atera splashtop RMM upgraded. Currently, you can't see multiple screens at the same time, which is a pain in the Dport.

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    @dyoder it looks like the only Splashtop services running are Steamer and Update. I don't even see the RMM service so what I ended up doing was uninstall Splashtop via a script then from Software Installation I pushed the latest version of Splashtop client.

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    @cwhitmore if that worked, awesome!

    Generally speaking, I would recommend going about this a different way. The Splashtop version that gets installed via Software Installation is the Personal edition. This is because software installed via Atera's Software Installation feature comes from the public repos of the Chocolatey package manager. The version of Splashtop that gets installed this way will not be used by Atera since it is not integrated.

    When you connect to an endpoint via Splashtop from Atera, Atera will first make sure their own custom build of Splashtop RMM is installed and running, and will then connect to that instance. Splashtop RMM is a special version of Splashtop only for RMM providers and lacks most of the features available in Splashtop Business.

    What I would recommend you do is uninstall Splashtop Business from all endpoints in Atera. When the Atera agent gets installed it will also install their own custom build of Splashtop RMM. If that breaks or fails, for whatever reason, Atera will try to get it installed and/or restart the SplashtopRemoteService service the next time you attempt to connect to that endpoint via Atera's Splashtop.

    Lastly, check the version of Splashtop that's installed on your endpoints. You shouldn't have the Streamer and Updater services anymore - there should only be the SplashtopRemoteService that will service both Splashtop RMM and Splashtop Business. The current version of Splashtop RMM should be; and Splashtop Business should be If you have versions significantly older than that, that's probably why you're running into errors and seeing multiple Splashtop services.

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    @dyoder , since this is a customize version of Splashtop that we use with Atera, do you have recommendations on how to repair some of our client devices that the AteraAgent is still running, but Splashtop reports that it has an incorrect password? When I opened a ticket with Atera, they said I needed to get to the remote device and upgrade the Splashtop player manually. I had to call the client and then use Anydesk to remote into in order to fix the Splashtop (because I prefer Splashtop).