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It seems like Atera is automatically adding a Ticket Source to all tickets, i.e. Phone for manually created tickets.

Is there any way to manually change the Ticket Source and add sources?

For instance, if we want to track time on a project or general maintenance we don't want to use the source 'Phone'


  • nina
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    Hi @gert.verhoeven -

    In this case, we would recommend using ticket tags, custom fields or perhaps a naming convention to help with your query.

    Ticket tags are useful for the purpose of enabling targeted ticket filtering by tags—for organizational purposes or to extract solutions to common problems for training, documentation, and informational purposes. To add ticket tags click here.

    Customize Atera to your needs by adding custom fields wherever you wish. To add custom fields click here. For more ideas on how to best use custom fields, click here.

    Let me know if this helps.


  • gert.verhoeven
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    Thanks Nina,

    That's doable, however not really my point here.

    I had a look at the Advanced Reports last week, and that has triggered this question. In the Ticket Summary report, a large section is taken by 'Ticket by Source' widget. Because we can't modify the ticket source and every manually created ticket will be classified as a phone call, this widget is useless and will contain incorrect statistics.

    I absolutely love the Ticket Summary dashboard but would like to have all data shown correctly.

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    Hi @gert.verhoeven - Got it. I understand where you're coming from. From what it sounds like, you can do that, ignore the source column and use tagging to accomplish the same idea, to identify where the tickets came from. The issue lies when using advanced reports, it's a missed opp because the report takes 'ticket by source' heavily into account.

    It seems like the best option would be to add a custom field to input a different source.

    Maybe some other Community members have suggestions?

    You should add this feature request our features board, UserVoice.