Ateraverse recordings now available!

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Hi Atera community -

We are over the moon 🌙 Ateraverse was a huge success and we have YOU to thank for that! 🙏

Were you sucked into a black hole last week and thus unable to attend Ateraverse, our first ever 2-day virtual event? No worries, if you’re on this planet, we’ve got you covered.

Please comment below 👇 and I will personally send you the recordings so you can hear all about:

  • NASA astronaut, Mike Massimo, on his out-of-this-world experiences, including two space shuttle missions and four spacewalks! (52 min.)
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Gil Pekelman and Oshri Moyal, Atera’s CEO & CTO and the company’s co-founders (45 min.)
  • How to combine the power of AI with your workflow automations (55 min.)
  • Future-proofing your cybersecurity strategy (40 min.)
  • And much more!

🏆 And keep your eyes and ears peeled as we will be announcing the winners of the Meta VR glasses and drones VERY soon!


  • rstauffer
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    @Nina_from_Atera I was able to attend, but the session with Mike Massimo was so great I would love to watch it again, if you want to send me the recording. Thanks

  • nina
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    Hi @rstauffer - Sent the recordings to you now! Happy watching!

  • nathan
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    please send me the recordings.

  • nina
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    @nathan sending the recordings to you now!