Splashtop 'Unattended' versus 'Attended'

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On PCs, we have a general policy of 'Attended' access for Splashop (meaning the end-user must be present to click to allow us to remotely connect). However, for some specific PCs, we need 'Unattended' access (eg. PCs hosting a network application). This was previously achieved using a script (which was pushed out via an automation profile). Since the recent update where you can set a general policy of Unattended or Attended, this no longer works (see the update here: https://support.atera.com/hc/en-us/articles/7066476003484

So all PCs are either 'Unattended', or they're 'Attended'.

How can we make it so only selected computers are 'Unattended'?

This also affects those end users who use Splashop to remote-connect into their own machines.


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    Hi @rb - Now that this setting has been implemented, you may only globally set the 'Attended' or 'Unattended' access in Splashtop; just like it is for AnyDesk.

    If you run a script to have Splashtop 'Attended', but in Atera you have the global setting set to 'Unattended', it will override it and the connection will be 'Unattended'.

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    Hi Nina,

    We, like most other IT support companies, would want the default setting to be 'Attended', requiring the end-user to 'allow' us on. How can we now remotely access the few PCs which we need to access without the end-user being present?

    Also, how can users with Atera's Work from Home feature in use access their PCs remotely?


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    I've passed this feedback to our Product Team. Keep you posted.

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    I noticed this too.
    Attended is what we want by default so it's nice we can set the setting for all pc's to attended (or unattended for that matter). But we need to be able to make exceptions!
    We are servicing a customer who needs unattended access to their workstations so this new feature is very annoying.
    We now run a script to enable unattended mode and then quickly connect before Atera changes the setting back. When the system reboots we do the same procedure. its Crazy! We should be able to control the setting when needed.

    Splashtop streamer has 3 options for this. 1)Attended no access after timeout. 2) Attended allow access after timeout. 3) unattended.

    In Atera we now can only set option 1 and 3 . It would be really helpful if we can also set option 2: Allow access after timeout.

    The new feature has given us less value of the product so I sincerely hope we get a solution for this.

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    Hi all! Wanted to give you a quick update that this was rolled back for right now.

    The default will remain 'unattended' as it was historically, and you can run a script to change this on all or selected devices.

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    Thank you for listening and the roll back to improve the feature. It was driving me crazy.
    It's commendable that the Atera is responsive to its users' feedback. Very nice.