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So, I notice the new sentiment column on our tickets list - does anyone else think this is a total waste of development time? We also can't hide it or turn it off so now it's another column taking up valuable screen space on an already crowded list.

Why can't we get the fundamentals before we get things like this? I don't need a face to tell me if the customer is happy or angry… I can do that by reading the ticket!

Atera, please, make better use of the development time and sort the fundamentals.

For example, complete and launch the new ticket interface - we've been waiting months for that…


  • Billy Barule
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    Posted here too -, as there wasn't anything here as of this morning when I checked.
    I agree with you though; my vote's for a better mobile client before anything else. I do love logging in all the time on a mobile device with a strong password and MFA, but I feel like I could spend those cycles elsewhere…

  • Yakov
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    Hey Rob,

    The new sentiment column can be turned off by navigating to Admin > Settings > Tickets.
    While we made the opt-out possible, we plan on enhancing the capabilities of the sentiment feature and giving you more value by introducing automation and notifications that will alert you of incoming negative sentiment and will allow you to be proactive and quicker in your responses.

    Having said that, as the product manager in charge of the PSA, I wanted to hop on the thread and assure you that developments such as this one do not interfere with other work in the domain (developments such as ticket forms/templates, improvements to the service portal and the new ticket page).

    In regards to the ticket page you've mentioned - we're actively working on improving the new ticket page based on ongoing feedback from our users (this past 2 weeks we've added the calendar integration, added scrolling to the quick reply templates list, changed the look of the status changes buttons and added some missing functionalities for our MSP customers such as contract choosing).
    Did you get a chance to try the new ticket page? If not, reach out to me via pm and we will enable it for you.

    Hope this is helpful,

  • AlexYoungNSM
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    Yeah i don't really see the need for the settlement, so i'll disable that as it thinks every ticket is neutral; not really sure what i'm supposed to do with that information for a password reset? so might need a bit of tweaking before going into production?

  • rob.williams
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    Not had a chance to try the new ticket page.

    It's been in development for such a long time and i was told was imminent for release - clearly not the case.

  • Yakov
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    Hey Rob,
    Send me a private message with your Atera associated email, we can enable beta access for you if you'd like.

  • sandeep.h
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    I can understand the benefit of it (as long as it works properly). Team Leaders / Floor managers can use the sentiment to go into tickets which is getting red. Rather than going through each and every ticket and they can start defusing the situation.

    But I agree there are lots of features on the board which we will love to see them implemented.