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I've been waiting nearly two weeks for Atera to fix an issue with Work-From-Home users not receiving their verification code.

Is anyone else having this SMS issue? I know their technical team is "actively working on resolving the matter" but I wanted to see if anyone else is being affected or if it this is just me.



  • sarah+success
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    Hey @alberto , Sarah from Atera here!

    Just wanted to give you an update that I responded on the ticket you have open with us, and appreciate your patience as our team works on deploying a fix!

  • arod
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    30 days without "work-from-home" working due to a web bug. I have some very unhappy users :(

    This is insane.

  • RobRob77
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    Any updates on this issue? I'm having a few users tell me they are not getting the SMS text for Splashtop.

  • arod
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    None thus far.

    They said it was fixed and to check but the users are still experiencing issues :(

  • kim
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    Is it all of your users or just a few of them? I had two of my clients unable to connect with using the version of Splashtop they have. I could still see the Atera Agent reporting, but when I would try to connect using Splashtop, it would say that the "password expired". I spoke with support via chat, and they told me that the Splashtop streamer on the end user needs to be updated. Is that similar to your issue? I had to connect to the customers using the Anydesk connection option and from there I updated Splashtop. I prefer Splashtop over Anydesk, but it was a work around for the moment.

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    I am having same issue, started today.

  • arod
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    @kim It's for some users now. Some work. Others do not :(

  • arod
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    Yup. This is bad. It's just their SMS functionality. I can't believe it's been over a month and devs can't fix the backend for this.

  • charles
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    Just had a user (that works remote hundreds of miles of away from the office) just start having this problem this morning 8/23/23 chatted with support and they wouldn't commit to a fix timeline:

    Chat started on 23 Aug 2023, 06:07 PM (GMT+0)


    *** Charles joined the chat ***


    CharlesHave a user that is no longer getting a text verification code sent to their phone when attempting to access Problem started this morning. I have no problem connecting to their machine via my Atera admin console


    *** Madalina joined the chat ***


    CharlesUser is getting text to their phone from all other sources


    MadalinaHello Charles,

    Thank you for contacting Atera support.


    CharlesHi Madalina


    CharlesStill there?


    MadalinaOur QA team has investigated the issue, and we can confirm that it's related to a bug in Atera’s current version.

    The case has been escalated to our developers and they already found a fix.

    The fix will be deployed in production in future releases.

    As a workaround, you can run the software individually or run the software bundle with an IT Automation Profile.

    Again, apologies for any trouble caused, and thank you for your patience in this matter.


    MadalinaYes, Charles.

    Rookie mistake, I forgot to press Enter.


    CharlesLOL no problem. Oh okay so you mean run Splashtop as a standalone app and NOT access it through the Atera link


    CharlesWhat version of Splashtop should I use?
    Splashtop Business Access
    Splashtop On Prem


    CharlesPress enter. LOL


    MadalinaOhh! My mistake, another rookie one.

    I meant to inform you that there is a general incident regarding the SMS codes from Work From Home not being sent.

    Our technical team is actively working on resolving this issue to ensure that you and all our valued customers can have a seamless experience with our product/service.

    Unfortunately there is no workaround for this,


    CharlesAh. okay, well then, that makes sense. I'


    CharlesI'll let my user know that it's on your side and it's being worked on


    CharlesAny idea of timeframe, this is preventing my remote employee from being able to work, and she's hundreds of miles away so she can't come in


    MadalinaWe cannot commit to any ETA.

    We understand the importance of timely communication and assure you that we will reach out the moment we have any significant information to share.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused


    CharlesOkay thank you for your help


    *** Charles has rated the chat Good ***


    *** Charles left the chat ***

  • Chuppah Joe
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    We started having this problem today. I've got users unable to work because none of them are receiving codes.

    I created a test account so I could see it first hand and I received no code. Different browsers, multiple cell phones, multiple users. It's a serious issue.

    You saying you've been waiting multiple weeks has me rather worried. We may need to switch to a different remote platform as there is no way to even disable the MFA and my users need to work!

  • Chuppah Joe
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    Hi @Sarah_from_Atera, since you chimed in before we'd really appreciate some extra effort today. I put in a ticket several hours ago that my users are not getting SMS codes either.

    I just found this thread and have users unable to reach their computers. If this is going to take days to fix I need to move all my WFH users to a new platform. It would be great to get some info here.

    Thank you!

  • louisianait4me
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    This is ridiculous. Please give us a workaround today.

  • Bloomquist
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    This needs to be fixed, just started happening to my users today.

  • arod
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    Agreed. My users are hurting bad right now! :( I may need to engineer a solution which is no good!

  • arod
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    My first ticket was 6 August. Sadly, still waiting :(

  • arod
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    Any idea what workaround they're talking about? Any blog posts/links/youtube videos?

    I'm not sure how the user would authenticate without the HTTP redirect to the splashtop RMM client?

  • nina
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    Hi! Nina from Atera here. The WFH SMS issue has been resolved.

    To stay up-to-date on any operational issues, please be sure to check the page or subscribe to alerts:

    1. Go to
    2. Click "Subscribe to updates"

    2. Select email, text, Slack, X, RSS feed:

    3. Click "Subscribe" and you're done!

    ***If you are still experiencing any issues, please open a ticket with our Support Team, [email protected].

  • Chuppah Joe
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    The issue is fixed for all of my users. Thank you Atera!

  • nina
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    Hi all! Nina here with a quick update.

    New: If the SMS fails to send, the user will now get an email with the verification code too.

  • kim
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    Thank you for the update @nina !