New ticket for every email reply

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Not sure if this is happening to anyone else. I've looked through the guides and I seem to be missing it. When we have a ticket that we are working and reply to the person who submitted the ticket through email, there is a new ticket created for the same issue. Can this be removed or modified in the admin section?


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    Happens all the time and been on Atera for years, no fix back then and no fix now, asked support no solution unfortunately. Not sure how Atera pulls the email, could be in the message envelope details? Maybe they have a solution now? Would be great if they provided some input.

  • sarah+success
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    Hey @juan.pridgen and @vistacomputing , Sarah from Atera here.

    We actually have a fix for this: if you/your user replies to the automated email template they receive, you'll want their comment to appear on the existing ticket (not a new ticket, unintentionally created by the email). To ensure the comment is added to the existing ticket, begin the email template’s subject line with the following snippet: [#{[Ticket Number]}]. You can see the full KB here.

    If you still have issues, please open a support ticket :)

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    Thank you so much @Sarah_from_Atera! This has been by biggest issue so far and you just fixed it!

  • sarah+success
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    So happy to hear that @juan.pridgen , let us know if you need something else!