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Hey everyone!

We manage a bunch of offices that have public computers want to find a solution that resets or restores the public computer on reboot or each night. I came across Deep Freeze by faronics and it looks pretty good. Anyways, has anyone used this program or something similar? If, so any feedback? Thanks!!!


  • sarah+success
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    Hey @jim , Sarah from Atera here 👩‍🚒

    An option here would be to use our Configuration Policies, you can check out the KB article here. You can set the restart hours there. You could also use our IT Automation Profiles that is scheduled at a certain time each night.

    Let me know if that works for you!

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    I used deepfreeze at a school district almost 25 years ago. It works really well. Imagine kids trying to destroy their computers. You can format, reboot and you're back to exactly where the machine was. It does get complicated however, as you need to "unfreeze" then "refreeze" to make any changes - including updates. So you have to schedule it well.

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    I second DeepFreeze. It has been a number of years since I have used it, but it is very simple and works well.

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    I just signed up as a reseller for deep freeze. Thanks, the cloud system is neat.