Print/Export/Email Ticket Details

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So before anyone gets too excided about the title, i don't see this as an option and has been brought up as a feature request in 2021. Not sure how this hasn't made it since i do get asked for a report on a ticket and can't provide one.

Just looking for help jumping over to the feature board ( ) to give it an upvote. This is a pretty basic feature.




  • jstewart
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    Hey @frank.pietersma , did you have any luck after the feature was brought up a year later on reddit?

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    Hi ,

    No still no luck. Still not possible to export tickets. When I create a ticket I still copy and paste the ticket communication to the time sheet so I can do an export of the ticket content and show to my customers what we've been doing for them. It still feels silly and cost a lot of time. but I don't see another way. AI is not helping here ;-)
    I would say Is about time this gets implemented. Almost a year since that infamous Reddit post ;-)
    However, I can give you a list of things that have been on the list for much longer. Features which are " planned" for years. But I will save you from that 😉

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    Have you tried to export a ticket via API or advanced reports?

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    Hi Nina,

    I have to insist that this should be part of core functionality. If you search printing in the features board, you'll see many of us have been asking for it for years, yet experimental features seem to come first in development.

    Currently, my entire organization's users are duplicated after an email domain change because we have no way to archive/print tickets or merge users. Needless to say, it has become quite cumbersome editing relations of devices and users when there are 2x every single user.

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    Hi @jstewart - I understand. I have passed this to the relevant Product Manager.