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    Hi, my name is Ken DeBauche and I am an Automation Support Specialist for Motion Industries with 47 years in the business.

    I have been doing PC support for almost 40 years on the side. I handle only a small number of accounts, mainly friends whose companies need assistance with their IT needs. I moved to Atera mainly out of curiosity and have enjoyed using it this past year. Although I have only a few accounts they still take time daily to handle properly and using Atera has made this simpler.

    Hobbys include my IT side business; VBA programming and I am now learning SharePoint as well. I work from home spending my days with Cesar and Cleopatra, our two rotties. I cherish every minute that I can spend with my 14 grandchildren and wife Jill.

    I have lived in Green Bay WI the most of my life and although I have travelled extensively for work, have yet to find a place I would rather live.

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    My name is Lukas and i am a senior consultant for a small MSP in Austria. I have been in IT for about 15 years

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    Hi, everyone! My name is Robert Dick and I'm another long time techie with about 46 years in the business (I think @gio has beat me by a few years). In this long before Windows, Mac and all that. Been on both sides of the fence working for resellers/MSP's as well as being an end user. Involved with many different technologies over the years and even made Microsoft MVP (Office 365/ Office Services) from 2014 through 2016. Now I handle the technology needs for Lekker Food DIstributors Ltd in Victoria, BC, Canada and rely heavily on Atera to help carry the load. And a bonus to having Atera is that it allows me to extend my reach to a number of non-profits that I support in my spare time. Ya gotta give back! Looking forward to seeing where this community takes us! Always love making new connections and continuing the never ending education.

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    Hi All,

    I'm Jeremy, working all over eastern Ontario, but situated rurally to disconnect when the laptop closes. I've been working in IT for close to 30 years, and have been solely responsible for my company's IT environment for the last 20. It's been a fun ride, with many challenges and adoptions, but building a company's IT infrastructure around being able to centrally mange it as a solo operation has been the most rewarding. I've been giving Atera a good run for the money to see how it handles as an alternative to other solutions currently in use.

    My hobbies used to be very IT focused, but these days balance is my priority, so pretty much anything that doesn't involve a computer or laptop 😅.

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    Robert Davis here in Oklahoma

    Been IT since 1993 teaching middle school kids in 1995 the basics of networking, printing and basic word/excel type programs. 2003 started our business and in 2011 went full time with it servicing primarily dental offices. Have the love of my life as book keeper, office manager and my newest recruit will be one year old in August. Hopefully, we can keep the business vital for him to take over!

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    Hey Everyone,

    Mike Jones here, from Southern California.

    New to Atera, but liking it overall so far. Have years of experience with the big players of RMM, and this is taking some getting used to, but I see a lot of promise in the product.

    I am thankful to the support team for answering all of my dumb questions as I am setting things up 😋

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    Hello to the Atera Community,

    I am Haris Marmarac, from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Working as engineer for Applicita, UK located company.
    Before this job I worked as Support Engineer, IT admin in several companies in Bosnia.
    When I am not working, I play football, travel…

    You can find me on Linkedin for any questions :)

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Joshua (JVT) Van Timmeren and I'm the Sr. Technology Services Engineer at Apex Technologies. We're an MSP in Baton Rouge Louisiana. My hobbies vary month to month because I see value in almost every area of God's creation, and everything is so complex when you actually study it. My go-tos' would be going to the farmers market with my wife, planting fruits and herbs, cooking, anything in regard to technology (I want to know it all mwahaha), growing my relationship with God, discipleship, and inner-city ministry!

    I'm excited to try and engage with this community more and be a resource to anyone anyway I can, and absorb as much knowledge for what y'all are willing to share as well!

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    Thanks for joining the Community! Happy to have you here.

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    Hi @HenriqueTeixeira, welcome to the Community! It's great to have you here. I also love good wine 🍷 and traveling ✈️

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    Hello everyone, my name is Frank, and I've often heard that my last name
    is the most Dutch one anyone has ever heard ;-) I come from the
    Netherlands and am the owner of Inno ICT. With 23 years of experience in
    this business, I still find a lot of joy in my work every day!
    Technology never gets boring! Outside of work, I am mainly involved with
    music. I love making music, play the drums, piano, and guitar, and if
    no one is paying attention, I might even sing a bit 😉

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    Hi Frank!!! The hobbies sound like so much fun! I sing whether on or off key, but normally when it can be blended into music being played through blaring speakers.

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Chris. I am a 20 year old with about 3.5 years experience in the MSP space. I currently am a Network Admin for an MSP based out of Clearwater Florida. I started under a paid internship when I was 17 and have loved working in the industry since.

    Fun facts about me:

    • After work I typically find myself working on a car (NA Miata is the current project)
    • I play some video games
    • I am a big photographer (see below for a couple of my favorites)

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Dan and I'm in Perth, Australia.
    I am 33 and have 6 years experience in the industry after a big career change from more manual labour roles.

    I am recently engaged so busy planning a wedding while trying to avoid the heat from a very hot summer!

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    Hello from Kansas!

    I'm Mike McClure, I live just outside the Kansas City metro area in a booming town called De Soto. I run an MSP called Peak Performance IT. We have around 30 clients.

    I have a BS in Comp Sci '91, and a CCIE cert '99 and a CISSP cert '02. I love troubleshooting (networks especially) and helping people. Managing employees, not so much!

    When I'm not doing IT things, I like to work on my Land Cruiser and my Miata. Both are old and require a lot of maintenance. Just like me!

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    Hola a todos!

    My name is Pedro Dominguez, I am the founder and CEO of Orinoco 360. I live in South Florida. I have over 15 years of experience in IT and I founded my MSP over 12 years ago.

    Some fun facts about me:

    • Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela
    • Enjoy mountain biking
    • enjoy riding roller coasters with my 9-year-old son
    • Father of 2
    • Metal music fan

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    Hello all in the Atera community!

    My name is Anthony, I'm based in London, UK and after much market research, have recently invested into Atera to function us our IT helpdesk, knowledgebase and device manager/maintenance.

    I have recently moved to a new company that have come from using free service desks so my hope is to try and utilise Atera to add some organisation, processes and automation to the internal IT processes here.

    I've been in IT for 10 years now and have had the pleasure of working across museums, stadiums and now retail. I'm excited to see what can be accomplished with Atera and plan on staying in-touch with this community as there seems to be a lot of useful ideas on here!

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    It looks like somehow I may have missed introducing myself! 😮

    I am a one-man IT director for a surgery group in Idaho. I manage about 300 devices across nearly 200 miles. It is a lot of work, but Atera has been a life saver!

    I am a husband and father and love it! I went to school in Idaho, moved away, and came back for this position. I am still looking forward to the point of 'looking forward to Monday mornings,' as said in the marketing info. But, I am happy to be here!

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    Hey everyone,

    My is Brandon I am the President & CEO of Streamline IT Solutions ( I have about 20 years of experience in the industry working with Government contracts, behavioral software, and IT consulting. My partners and I started this company over 6 months ago and just crossed 300 endpoints, Atera has been a Godsend for ticket reduction and automation help. I just wanted to drop in and say hi and I'll be seeing you all around.

    Fun Facts about me:

    ✔️ I have a Corgi named Gatsby that has more personality than any dog I have ever met.

    ✔️ I enjoy thrill seeking of any kind: parkour, surfing, sailing, extreme sports

    ✔️ I am a video game junkie, really enjoy RPG's and FPS's

    ✔️ I rub off way too much on my daughter, which drives my wife crazy