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Welcome to the Atera user community! We encourage our users to connect and network in the community forums.

Let's get to know each other. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself below! Feel free to share as much as you'd like! You may want to include:

  • Where you are located
  • What you do for a living
  • Hobbies

Let's do this!

Nina, Social & Community Lead



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    My name is Nina Sherman Green and I'm Atera's Social & Community Lead. I have 10+ years experience in customer success within the AdTech, B2C, and B2B spaces. I have 15+ years of community building experience, both online and offline. And I personally manage several successful online communities, some of which have over 30k members.

    Some fun facts about me:

    • Born and raised in NYC
    • Foodie
    • A capella nerd
    • Swimmer and beachgoer
    • Pilates enthusiast
    • Country music fan
    • Mom of 2 girls, Ruthie and Mila

    Okay, enough about me. Tell me about yourself.

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  • rmiller
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    Hello everyone!

    I am Rob Miller, Information Technology Manager for Schreiber Foods International. I have 25+ years in IT, holding many different roles, including Service Desk Manager, CTO, and even owned an IT consulting business for over 10 years. IT management is what I do.

    When not working (is that ever the case in IT?) I like to spend time with my family, repairing and restoring vintage arcade and pinball machines, and fixing things that are broken (anything really).

    I am pleased to be able to introduce Atera to our company and build our IT department.

    Here's to sharing knowledge with all of you.

  • TechSendIT
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    I am Nathan CEO & Technical lead at TechSend.

    By day I am a BA working in Government and by night I work to support small businesses across Australia with IT, Digital Marketing & Cyber Security.

    When i'm not doing the IT thing i'm spending time with my by girl twins, not sure who keeps me busier, them or my clients but they all keep me busy.

  • SysWizard
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    Hello All!

    I'm Caleb, owner & operator of a young MSP in SouthWest Michigan.

    Love streamlining the daily IT tedium into something faster & smarter!

    Camping and water activities on most weekends, until Winter anyway :)

  • kris
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    Hey there, I'm Kris. I own and run a small IT company in the Netherlands.

    We mostly do IT admin and support for companies in the local area, but also have a couple of big clients with offshore installations that we provide all IT needs for.

    We've been using Atera on and off since it was launched back in the day. Even had Gil come visit our office to talk about our first experiences with Atera many years ago.

  • rob.williams
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    Hi all,

    I'm Rob from Oxfordshire, UK.

    My business is a team of 6 supporting homes and businesses across our county and surrounding areas. We cover all aspects of IT.

    We moved to Atera from Zendesk in favour of the monitoring and patching along with a few other features. It's been good to see Atera develop but there is a long way to go yet.

  • mbudke
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    Hey all,

    my name is Matthias and I am from Germany.

    I am driving my own small IT company and Atera helped me a lot for optimizing processes.

  • Aaron
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    Hello everyone. Aaron here, CIO at a non-profit focused on the aging population of our community. We are about 1 month into our experience as an Atera customer, happy there is a place for customers to share that is not Reddit.

  • nina
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  • john.koppes
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    Hello Atera Community,

    I am John Koppes and have been breaking (and then fixing :) computers since the Commodore PET computer days at my elementary school. I started an MSP business during the pandemic to provide small business and residents with affordable and trustworthy IT Support. I have been using Atera for three years and have found it to be an extremely reliable tool. I look forward to the future enhancements and features. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


  • awise
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    Hi, I'm Asia, a Las Vegas-based IT nerd and Gemini who is also a dog mom to a senior Yorkie Terrier (she's 15 years old!). I'm an extreme foodie who loves to eat my way through the city, and I'm also a big fan of humor. In my spare time, I'm a fitness influencer and makeup enthusiast. I'm always up for a good laugh, a delicious meal, or a challenging workout. If you're looking for someone who is both professional and fun, I'm your girl!

  • bahlquist
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    Hey everyone, I'm Ben, from MN! Father to a daughter, owner to a beagle, and recently-promoted lead to my "network team" as we call it. Formerly a web developer, I switched careers to IT about 11 years ago and have been here since. Mostly self-taught, always keen on best practices, and now learning all sorts of new things about leadership.

    In my free time I play and make music, do remodeling/handyman projects, and love to take my canoe to a quiet lake and go for a paddle and some fishing.

  • dstrunks
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    Hi all,

    I'm David, from Ohio. Was born here, raised in Florida till I was 9, then dragged back to Ohio for the rest of my years… Go Bucks! I'm IT Director at a mental health and addiction facility, as well as owner of an MSP. I enjoy traveling in my free time, hiking, and riding my motorcycle anywhere and everywhere I possibly can. I've got the best little girl ever and she enjoys our traveling adventures as well. I like all things IT, nerdy, sci-fi, fantasy etc.

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    I'm Kelly, located in Calgary (Canada) where currently for this week we have the Calgary Stampede going on with rodeos, concerts, and fun! Work in IT and have for the last 20 years at various levels. I like to tinker with AI and see what it can do to make life easier for me, read, and travel.

  • dave.robinson
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    Hello to the Atera Community,

    I am Dave Robinson with Zero Touch Technology an MSP out of Austin Texas area. I was born in Minnesota, moved to Denver Colorado then Austin Texas. I enjoy the outdoors, boating, swimming, running and camping. I have over 25 years experience and have a passion for helping people with technology.