Thresholds - Additional Baselines

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The default list of thresholds is a great starting off point, but there is definitely room for improvement.



What has everyone added or changed in there baseline thresholds?

I'll start.

I added some event monitoring for workstations for failed logins and process running checks. I also lowered the bar on the default performance monitors for CPU and RAM as I found them to be too aggressive by default.

I added some monitoring for important events.


  • Sarah_from_Atera
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    Hi @MJones , Sarah from Atera here.

    This is a great initiative, to share what you are adding to the Thresholds!

    Hope other users share tips and tricks like this as well!

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    I like what you created but not using the threshold profiles that much yet. My servers are similar but also different.

    - they use the same backup system (same)
    - they use different backup storages (different)

    This means I cannot use one Threshold for all server but instead have to create one threshold per server.
    The negative side effect is that if I encounter an option to improve the threshold I have to adjust it for each server.

    I would prefer to have many thresholds (e.g. per software component) and then I can assign these to the server. If there is a change to one profile it would automatically apply to all servers to which the profile is linked.

    I had described this here already:

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    @Matthias I wish we could apply multiple threshold profiles to one machine. I use a threshold profile to monitor a QBs service that shuts off randomly. The threshold triggers a script to restart it. I don't need that on all machines so I have a profile specifically for that on that one machine.

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    100% agree with the multiple thresholds suggestion.

    I brought it up a couple months ago with them, sounded like it was on their radar, but no solid plans to implement. It's a pretty big oversight imo, but I could see this type of thing being a big pain to change on the back-end.

    That said, it would make things WAY easier since you could apply specific limited scopes depending on the type of machine and workload.

    I have most of my workstations on the same threshold profile (though I am close to making Laptops a separate profile also), but nearly all of my servers have a custom-tailored one to them for one reason or another. This makes changing anything a huge headache since I have to change it in many profiles to get them all in line.

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    I have asked for this feature request and it has been voted for many times, but sadly they appear to have no intention of ever implementing most of the things we ask and vote for.

    feel free to add your vote on the link below, but don't hold your breath waiting for it to be implemented…..

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    Man this would improve my life tremendously. @atera PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS