Implementing Ticket Queues

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Hello Atera Community,

I'd like to propose a feature that could significantly enhance our ticketing system: dedicated ticket queues with the capability to assign tickets directly to these queues.

Why Ticket Queues? Ticket queues would allow us to categorize and prioritize incoming requests more efficiently, ensuring that each ticket reaches the right team swiftly. This could dramatically improve our response times and service quality.

Assigning Tickets to Queues Imagine being able to route tickets to a specific queue with one click; just assign the queue just like you do contacts. However, make the queue a contact as well. So we can have internal projects with no one specifically assigned to them other than just the queue. This would seamlessly integrate into the ticket automation feature already in Atera. This feature would streamline our ticket management process, enabling us to utilize specialist resources more effectively and reduce the time spent on manual sorting.

The Bigger Picture Incorporating ticket queues can lead to better organization, allowing for specialized handling of distinct issues. It also opens doors for automation, where tickets can be routed based on predefined rules, thus minimizing the margin for error and operational bottlenecks.

Your Support Counts I believe this feature could be a game-changer for many of us here. If you agree, please upvote this idea and share how you think ticket queues could benefit your workflow. Together, we can make a strong case for this much-needed enhancement to our Atera toolkit!

Thank you for considering this proposal. I look forward to your support and any additional insights you might have.

Here is a link to the feature board request. Please upvote and post comments on all suggestions there. Let's get this feature implemented once and for all!

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    Hi @tanderson

    you got my vote!

    I think this could be a VERY easy step for Atera in a first instance till they get to the final target you are looking for.

    Just allow the advanced reporting for the ticket overview and add an option that a variable is possible like "myself" so whoever opens the report/dashboard can see for example a filter with an assignee for himself.

    Then you can use custom fields to define the queues. If you want to assign the ticket to another queue then just change the custom field.

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    FYI @Yakov