How does a user get a Service Portal password?

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I am on the trial period of Atera.

I've added a test user under the "Sites" page, given him an email, but didn't receive any password.

I then tried setting the password manually, but I'm unable to sign-in from the customer portal using those credentials as I get a "Login Failed"

Then when I try to "reset" my password.. it says Email Sent, but nothing shows up in my inbox or spam... am I doing something wrong?


  • timebrk
    timebrk Member Posts: 5

    Ok, I figured it out!

    Need to go into Admin > Email Settings > (Enable) Send an email to a newly added user

    Got an email after creating a new user now.

  • gert.verhoeven
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    You can disable it if you don't want to send it to every new user.

    You can use the 'Forgot Password' function on the login page to send the email manually. I did it that way as I only want main contacts to check the portal.

  • nina
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    Great! Glad it's working!