Agent installs to devices found in Network Discovery

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Currently a domain controller is required for agent installation to devices found in Network Discovery.
We do not use a DC in our company so are unable to do this.

Will the new software repository have the ability to push agent installs to devices found Network Discovery without the need of a DC?


  • MJones
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    If you use\have Microsoft Intune, it has worked great for us.
    It also bypasses the user prompt for the install since it is in session 0.

    I had issues getting the GPO push to work, but admittedly didn't troubleshoot for very long since we already had Intune, which ended up as a better option anyway.

    Haven't personally tried pushing via PSExec, but should in theory also work.

  • Zerointerrupt
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    You need a DC to deploy the client, but… PDQ Deploy has a free version. I don't see why it wouldn't work in this case.

  • lauri.kinnunen
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    Could you open your use case a bit more?
    You cant use network discovery to install Atera.

    If you have access and admin to those device you could use some script to deliver Atera installation to those devices.

  • kim
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    When I was deploying network discovery, I used a script in the shared script library to push it out. Granted this was about a year ago for my last client that it would work well with. I'm sure there have been changes since then.

  • MJones
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    Literally just need to click "Add Device" now.

    Downside is that you need a DC on the same network as the machine, but otherwise it worked great for me.

    As stated I used InTune Apps to push it out which also worked great. I can provide more detail if anyone was interested.

  • gwallace
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    If a device was not being used/in storage it would removed from our current RMM due to licensing costs. It would be convenient to install Atera when the device is online again and connected to our network.

    Otherwise I would have to physically do it myself.

    I vaguely remember doing this with Lansweeper as the computers would have the same admin credentials, so I could install their agent on devices picked up from network discovery.

    Without an RMM/AV installed we have no way to access computers besides using something like Chrome Remote Desktop which would require the user to install it etc. (the last thing I want to do is have to ask our users to have to do something, as we all know how that can go 😉)

    There is probably not a massive use case for this as most of the time the agent would be installed before another RMM is removed or installed by other methods, but for small companies like ours without AD/Intune/shared folders it would be useful.

  • lauri.kinnunen
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    I have two ways to approach this.


    Script might be a hassle. So i would create a scheduled task to look for Atera.. when missing install it.
    I would rather use this since then no need to remote anywhere.

    Just add that task to all your devices and you are done.

  • gwallace
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    Good idea and probably something I will have a use for at some stage.

    I get that the functionality I was asking about it more QOL that necessity, as there are a few workarounds available but I think it would be handy having the ability to install the agent on devices directly when picked up in Network Discovery (if you have the admin credentials to do so)

    I appreciate you input and suggestions on how it can be done in other ways though 💪