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I hope I just don't see it, but I can't find a way to get an export of the Recent Processes. I want a list of failed installs so I can create a list. If I right-click, I see "Copy," "Copy with headers," and "Paste."

Doing a "Copy with headers" gives me an utterly useless content of the single cell and the column it was in.

What am I doing wrong? How do I copy the entire report to paste into something I can work with? Clicking and dragging doesn't highlight anything, so that's not it.

Or is this yet another useless webpage? Your product's utter dependence on pointy-clicky in a webpage makes managing more than a dozen machines extremely difficult. It's 2023, so maybe someone has heard of DevOps at Atera?



  • kim
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    Hi @itadmin,

    When I goto get a report, I hit the 3 dots >downloads then I normally choose CSV so I have a table I can sort. It does send a zip of CSVs related to the report and then I normally put them together into a format I need. I don’t have the Power plan where it comes with more advanced reporting, but I’m able to get the information I need.

    I hope this helps some!