🆕 ATERA NEWSFLASH 📰 - August 2023 🙌🏻

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📰 Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Check it out 👇🏾

✔️ AI-generated CLI commands - turns your plan language objectives into accurate terminal commands 🤖

✔️ AI-generated OIDs for instant SNMP monitoring 🤯

✔️ Revamped Devices page 🧑🏽‍🎨

✔️ Patch approval for optimal performance by configuring the OS patch installation and exclusion settings 💯

✔️ New to Atera's App Center: Keeper & Zomentum 🎉

*Check out the full Release Notes here.


  • t.dubreuil
    t.dubreuil Member Posts: 2 ✭

    Very clever😡 !!!! I can not do simple copy paste of commands anymore…

    People that use powershell or cmd window know what they will type…please
    The AI idea is good but should be an option (like you click on a + if you need help)

    I would RATHER have cmd and powershell in different contexts (users/admin/system) like for scripts.
    Than having to generate a script for a simple Net Use.


  • dyoder
    dyoder Member Posts: 52 ✭✭✭

    A few thoughts here:

    1. The new cmd/powershell window will overlap text generated from the AI prompt if you don't click into the console portion. Also, I very much agree with @t.dubreuil here - I would immediately trade the AI tooling for the ability to launch the remote consoles as the currently logged in user, a user I specify, a user with elevated admin token, or the SYSTEM account. Unfortunately, we're stuck with consoles that can only run in the SYSTEM context. I can't quickly run net use in the logged on user's context to see what network drives they have mapped. Instead I have to run a script and wait for output (and of course the new UI has issues returning script output on occasion).
    2. In my case, more than half of the AI generated OID's don't always have values to return. This makes it almost useless. For example: on my switches, I can get the System Description and System Up Time - they both have values but there's nothing to monitor there. The AI generated OID's include In Octets, Out Octets, and Operational Status - but none of these return any values. I would have much perferred to import the MIB from the vendor and select from the ones defined there.
    3. The revamped Devices page contains exactly one feature that is nice to have - the compact view. But it's also lacking the Advanced Filters which means for nearly all of my sluthing through devices, I need to revert to the "old look" since it has the functional features I need.

    @t.dubreuil copy/paste actually works better in the new UI, but it relies on the browser giving permission to the website to access the clipboard. If you're using any Chromium browser, go do Settings → Privacy and Security → Site Settings → Additional permissions → Clipboard, then add https://app.atera.com:443 to the "Allowed to see your clipboard" section.

  • dyoder
    dyoder Member Posts: 52 ✭✭✭

    @nina is it just me or did Atera stop advertising product updates in the app? I used to get regular notifications in the What's New button at the top of the app, but the last several months that button has been non-functional. Is that intentional or have I somehow disabled notifications for myself?

  • tanderson
    tanderson Member Posts: 136 ✭✭✭

    @nina @dyoder Same here!

  • nina
    nina Administrator Posts: 428 admin

    Hi @tanderson and @dyoder - I'm checking for you!

  • nina
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    Okay, so I think I've figured out where the confusion might be! In the past, when you clicked on "What’s new", you received a pop-up with the latest Release Notes. This was changed.

    When you see "What's new" > click on "New features" > and scroll to see the latest and greatest new features!

    There's also a hyperlink on the top right-hand side to get to the latest Release Notes too!

  • dyoder
    dyoder Member Posts: 52 ✭✭✭

    Oh, ok. It looks like the issue was some browser caching. When I click on the What's New button it does absolutely nothing. I tried a different browser incognito and it came up with a menu, and then I can click New Features. Not sure why the extra clicks are necessary though.

  • DP
    DP Member Posts: 45 ✭✭

    Has this update fixed the patch auto approval issues?

  • nina
    nina Administrator Posts: 428 admin

    Glad that it was just a cache issue 😅 Was this the fix @tanderson ?

  • nina
    nina Administrator Posts: 428 admin

    Our Product Team is working on this as we speak. Should have a fix by the next sprint. 🤞

  • joseph.smith
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  • nina
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    Hi Guys!

    Quick update: As you already pointed out in some of the discussions in the Community, we did have an issue with the uninstall prevention feature, so we’ve turned the toggle off. For now, you won’t see this option under the settings until the fix is uploaded.

    Thank you again to our awesome Community for your assistance in helping us troubleshoot the issue! Community for the win.