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Is there another way to assign automation profiles to multiple device without having to point and click through a list? Optimally, I'd like to feed a list of devices into script that would assign them to a group. Currently, the API looks like it's not really good at managing anything, just getting information.

How are people managing multiple devices?




  • sarah+success
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    Hey @itadmin , Sarah from Atera here.

    You can assign IT Automation Profiles directly to an entire group by filtering and selecting all in the devices view. You can also assign to an entire Customer/Site.

    Check out the different options here!

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    Thanks, Sarah

    Not really a great way of doing this. Is there a way to request that the API add the ability to assign devices to a profile?

  • nina
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    Hi @itadmin - For SNMP/HTTP/Generic devices, you can assign the devices directly to a folder. You can then set up the threshold or IT Automation or configuration policies profiles for that folder. For Agents, there is no way to modify the profile assigned via API.

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    I have been waiting for this feature for 2 years. But developers don't want to improve API at all… They want customers to do all stuff via GUI… If you have 100-500 hosts it can be reasonable but if you have thousands? GUI is for manual working. Administrators don't like doing anything manually. For these things we use scripts. And they need to use API.

    It seems like Atera wants to work with small business only.