Tasks not working for days. More and more disappointed with ATERA

lorenzo Member Posts: 5

Tasks haven't run for days, or they run hours late, causing PCs to reboot during work hours.

Ticket open of course. I ask the community if this is normal for you:
Is it normal that ATERA does not autonomously monitor the effective execution of the tasks, leaving the user with the burden of reporting problems that are caused by platform malfunctions and not by customers' network problems?
Is it normal that the ticket still remains at the first level and is not scaled immediately since these are not incorrect configurations made by me?

It took 2 years of tickets to solve the problem of the lack of generation of alerts from windows events. Now let's get into the task execution problem.

I think the first mission of an RMM is robustness on the Monitoring and task side, and not commercial integration with third-party services.

Am I the only one using Atera as RMM? Or do you use it only as PSA or remote desktop?

thank you all!



  • MJones
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    We just signed up, and have been liking it over-all, but I am definitely seeing more cracks in the armor the more I dive in setting things up. That said I see a lot of promise in the product, but they definitely need to start adding some badly needed features.

    There are a lot of limitations in the scripting system in that we cant natively create tickets based on output. I actually just submitted another discussion regarding a lot of limitations.

  • tanderson
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    @lorenzo I have not experienced the issues you are facing. However, some base features are lacking from the product for sure! We use it for RMM and PSA.

  • sarah+success
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    Hey @lorenzo , Sarah from Atera here.

    I located your ticket, and I am escalating this right now with our support team. Please keep an eye out for their reply/any new information they request from you!

  • lorenzo
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    Thank you Sarah, we are in constant contact!

  • lorenzo
    lorenzo Member Posts: 5

    I inform everyone that the problems have NOT yet been resolved.


  • nina
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    Hi @lorenzo! Wanted to reach out and confirm that all is working now. Is this correct?