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Hi All,

Having a bit of trouble figuring out where to address this, but my team have found a styling bug in the SelfServ Portal and I've been able to reproduce it.

Observed behaviour

On latest Chrome + Edge on Windows 10/11, 1080p display, a new ticket raised with 38+ lines of text in the description will cause the page body to scroll incorrectly, and the save/cancel buttons to scroll off the screen. You're unable to scroll back up to complete the ticket. Team are working around this by cutting their text and pasting into a new ticket.

Expected behaviour

The description box should probably scroll, but the form UI shouldn't disappear off the top of the page.

Steps to replicate

  1. Log into SelfServ on Chrome/Edge on a device with 1080p display and maximized browser window
  2. Start smashing that enter button in the description
  3. Once 38+ lines are input you'll see the UI scrolling off the screen

Figure 1 - 42 lines input, the top of the page has vanished, whitespace appears at the bottom

Figure 2 - Scroll up and it scrolls to the top of the form content, but the UI is still off the screen.


  • sarah+success
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    Hi @leighr , thanks for reaching out and for this thorough report.

    I have opened a ticket for you for this to be directed. In general, whenever you spot a potential bug, please open a ticket with [email protected].

  • frank.pietersma
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    And also keep posting it here or in the reddit community so everyone is aware of the bug

  • nina
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    Hi @leighr - I've opened a ticket on your behalf.