Monitoring SQL Server

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i am novice in atera plataform

so my question is,how monitoring a sql server?

service is running,and how much memory is consuming and create a alert




  • nina
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    This can be done via SNMP in Atera. The follow Knowledge Base article will provide you with the steps needed to monitor SQL:

    FWIW the memory consumption is low (~100MB of RAM), maybe lower.

    To create the alert, you will need to add OIDs. To find the OID, you will need to get this from the manufacturer or from the web:

    We also now have AI generated OIDs, to learn more:

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    Hi @Magalhaes ,

    are you talking about a windows SQL server?
    In case it is windows then you can install the normal atera agent. Per default it monitors the CPU, memory and HDD usage on the server. You can set thresholds when you want to create an alarm.

    Additional to that you can monitor for windows eventlogs or automatically run powershellscripts in which you create a alarm based on the return value of the script.

    It would also be possible to monitor a service via the threshold configuration.