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Hi Atera Community,

We value the way you support and encourage one another it's inspiring!

We’re always looking for more ways to celebrate YOU and your contributions. That's why we are introducing a new Rewards program based on your feedback and all you’ve accomplished.

As you engage within the community, you will have the chance to unlock rewards, including swag, Amazon gift cards... and much, much more!

What kind of rewards are available?

As you engage and contribute in the community, you will earn badges and points, qualifying you for swag (coming soon) and other fun stuff!

How do I earn points and increase my ranking?

When you engage with other Atera members both on and off the community platform, you can qualify for badges and points. The points you receive will provide you with new ranks and the ability to unlock a myriad of rewards.

🏆 To check your points, badges, and prizes, visit:

🏆 To request a specific badge, visit:

What are badges, points, and ranks?

  • Badges are shown on your profile and rewarded for positive contributions to the community and its members.
  • Points are assigned to each unique badge and are awarded when a new badge is earned. This is how you level up in the community! It's also how you and unlock rewards, swag, gift cards, and other fun stuff!
  • Rank is displayed next to your username. Your rank reflects your level of engagement.

Where do you see your rank?

Your rank will display on your profile next to your name whenever you post or comment.

How will I be recognized on the community platform?

In addition to your rank displayed on your profile page and alongside your profile picture, you can also see your name on the leadership board on the Recent Activity page. You can view "This Month's Leaders" and "All Time Leaders"