Disk Usage Over Time

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I was hoping to be able to get a report on a single agent to view the disk usage over a period of 3 months in order to better plan capacity for the server in question but I don't seem to be able to find that option in either the agent itself or any Classic or Advanced reports. Am I missing something and/or does anyone have any custom reports that can do this? As an aside, what are the recommended resources for learning how to create Advanced Reports? I am unfamiliar with Looker or BI at this stage.



  • sarah+success
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    Hey @Palaver , Sarah from Atera here.

    To do this, you can use the Auditor report. There you can see devices with low disk usage, based on %. You can also see the drive, and how much is used.

    You could also use the Agent help report to get information about Disks & Exchange. You can find more info in this KB. Using threshold profiles is another option, to at least get alerts when the devices is close to your desired threshold.

    Generating an advanced report could also help. In the Hardware:Disk section you have options like free space, free space percentage etc. You could schedule the reports and consolidate the data from the reports into an excel file. See how to filter advanced reports here.

    If you want further assistance with building advanced reports in general, please send an email to success@atera.com :)

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    Ironically, Atera's reporting really lack historic data. I desperately need average cpu and ram usage over the past x days/weeks/months - it's even in the device page but cannot be put on a report.