Scheduled/Automated Invoicing

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At the moment, we have over 60 RMM clients, billed at varying times during the month. With the current setup in Atea, we are having to check when they are due, manually create an invoice, send it to them, and wait for payment. This is EXTREMELY admin heavy, and an immature feature for an RMM platform. Invoicing is the main revenue vehicle, and the current billing options are very limiting. It needs to be automated, based on contracts. If set for monthly, an invoice is generated (when due, or a set number of days before due), processed using a pre-approved payment method, and paid invoice/receipt emailed to the client. I am surprised Atera have not implement a more workable invoicing engine, and believe it is highly overdue



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    Hey @mcsitwork, Sarah from Atera here. Thanks for raising this feedback!

    After checking with the relevant product manager, I can tell you that we will be looking into more automated billing down the line. In the meantime, I suggest that you add your feedback to our Features Board in the Billing section.

    Other Atera users - what are your billing hacks that you find work well?