Non IT Service Groups Users - Let's see those hands!!

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I run the payroll, benefits and HRIS for my company and have set up an Atera Help Desk for our team members to get assistance with these functions. We been operating our Help Desk since February and absolutely LOVE having a Help Desk. It has been a game changer for my group and our company. While I love having a Help Desk, I sometimes find it challenging as the Atera environment is focused on Tech Support which can be limiting for my purposes. I would love to connect with others who are using Atera outside of the normal IT / Tech support. I think it would be very helpful to share tips, tricks and ideas on how to best use Atera to suit our needs.

So, if you are a user and you do not operate in a IT / Tech Support environment, let's talk.


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    @mwalker Unfortunately, I own an IT company, so I may fall outside of what you are looking for. Still, I am trying to develop our Atera environment for each type of department in the organization—for example, Admin (HR & Payroll), Marketing, Sales, and so on. I would love to hear how you use it for your specific role. It may help me align that part of the company more intuitively.

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    Hi @mwalker - any luck?

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    @tanderson I am happy to relate my experiences with our Payroll & Benefits Help Desk. Primarily, I set this up as a means of ensuring that our employees' issues were being addressed timely and that the information and assistance provided were consistently above standard. I had a situation where our employees were complaining of sending numerous unanswered emails to my team. Yet, my team maintained that they answered all emails within a timely manner. The complaints reached epic proportions (meaning they reached the CEO) and short of monitoring email, which I absolutely didn't want to do, I needed another solution. Our IT Team starting using Atera the year before so I scheduled time with the IT Service Manager to see if it would be an viable option for me. Best decision I've made. We created very simple email addresses (payroll@ and benefits@) that flow right into our Atera Payroll & Benefits Help Desk. We customized the ticket type and created product families and products. I have it set up so that all Benefit tickets are automatically assigned to the Benefit person and my Payroll team are able to pick up an unassigned ticket. A couple of times a day, I will go in and assign tickets, if needed. We have many quick replies created, which really help us move through the tickets easily. It also creates a standard language and tone, which I feel are very important. We send the customer satisfaction survey out when we resolve tickets and ask the employee to rate their experience with the Help Desk. So far, so good. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to schedule some time to discuss further.