A discussion around dates and date formatting.


It matters not where you reside, this is something we all should take into account.

We are in australia, and we have to struggle with this issue


due to the fact that Atera by default uses the MM/DD/YYYY date format for most procedures.

I would love to find out how other UK/Aussies and other more logical nations service providers handle this in their day to day workflow.

Since for example. I needed to restart a server today 8th of July 2024 and needed to schedule it.

However because of the discrepancy in dates, it wanted me to restart on the 7th of august according to my reading of the date.

Whilst I agree, that USA is the largest sector for Atera, I would propose that everyone here Vote on that suggestion, and suggest that Atera make it a serious issue that should be resolved.

Even go for a more date neutral format - say YYYY-MM-DD instead.

or allow us to select our preferred date format.

I am asking here, how do you handle it, those in other countries than the USA?


  • gilgi
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    "more logical nations"

    reminds me of the meme…

    But seriously - I hear you, I need to check why, but for the time thanks for making me laugh, and I join your call - Voting matters and move the needle for which features get the priority in dev cycles!

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    Meme dutifully stolen and reposted elsewhere. love it.