♟️ Assign roles and permissions like never before – feature progress update

gilgi Administrator, Moderator Posts: 100 admin

Quick couple of questions - do you:

  • Define clear domains for your team members?
  • Assign specific customers to each tech?

If so, we have exciting news for you!

Introducing the new Roles and Permissions page!

Did you know that improving the roles page has been a top request in our suggestion portal? We've listened, and we're thrilled to announce that a new iteration of Atera is now in design and beta testing!

This update is set to revolutionize your teamwork, offering more granular control over permissions and improved workflow management

Here’s why the update can help your work management efficiency

- Greater granularity in defining roles: Tailor roles with precision to fit your team's unique needs.
- Centralized assignment: Manage all your tasks and assignments from a single, convenient location.
- User-friendly interface: Enjoy a sleek, intuitive design that simplifies your workflow.

Important note - This is a sneak peek. Please note that the plans and concepts shared here are subject to change, and the complete feature will be rolled out in several phases.

Role assignment and permissions at a glance
This feature is designed for IT department managers and business owners/admins, ensuring that team members working with Atera have the appropriate level of access to functions and information needed to perform their jobs efficiently.

We’ve replaced the older page view with our modern design to improve your experience.

The overview allows you to quickly see how many techs are assigned to each role, who the assigned members are, and upon hovering you’ll even see what the permissions include without having even to click. 

Adding and editing each role member is much faster with a more granular list of permissions. You can even decide if you want to allow access to desktop, server, or both. 

This feature is planned for all plans and we are considering further expansion and additional limitations, including: Device, folder, apps, and enabling custom fields.

As always, let me know what you think and what more would you like to get from the roles and permissions page!



  • tanderson
    tanderson Member Posts: 243 ✭✭✭✭

    I can't wait much needed! Same with Queues, hopefully coming soon? End of summer soon?

  • gilgi
    gilgi Administrator, Moderator Posts: 100 admin

    Q3, over several iterations.

    I'm setting a mental note to preview the enhanced Ticket Queues once I gather the relevant materials!

  • sandeep.h
    sandeep.h Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

    @gilgi not sure what is under System but is there any plans of having permisisons for certain reports this way. There are some reports we wants tech to have like software inventory, patch management but don't want them access to Technician performance reports.

  • gilgi
    gilgi Administrator, Moderator Posts: 100 admin

    @sandeep.h that's a good question.
    Checking with the relevant PM!

  • gilgi
    gilgi Administrator, Moderator Posts: 100 admin


    This is not in the plans. In this case, I advise creating requesting through our uservoice portal.
    You're welcome to promote it here after creating it to get additional community support for it!