High CPU usage fix

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Nina from Atera here.

I've seen a number of posts lately regarding high CPU usage.

There is an issue with Splashtop Streamer. You will need to update the Streamer to

To update the Streamer to the latest version, you can use the following script:

# Define variables

$downloadUrl = "https://ateranetworks.zendesk.com/attachments/token/JfG6adjBRfqwNq8kzLzyfhplj/?name=SplashtopStreamer.exe"

$downloadPath = "C:\Windows\Temp\Splashtop_Streamer.exe"

# Download Splashtop Streamer

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $downloadUrl -OutFile $downloadPath

# Install Splashtop Streamer

Start-Process -FilePath $downloadPath -ArgumentList "/s" -Wait

# Clean up downloaded file

Remove-Item $downloadPath

Hope this helps!