Seeing which End Points are Running a Specific Operating System

iectechbrian Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭

Today I had a need of knowing which end points in our company were still running Windows 7. (I am the IT department for a company, and we are working on replacing the computers as money allows.) I was worried that I had to go through each computer in the portal one-by-one to see which ones were still on Windows 7. But then I had an idea which saved a ton of time, and thought I would share. I hope it can help someone else too!

I haven't been into the reporting section much because my company doesn't use or need them at this point, with only a one-man IT department. But my idea was that there has got to be either a report already, or way to create one, that listed the operating system for each computer. Thankfully, the Windows Licenses report, under Classic Reports, did just that. I was able to even filter to just Windows 7 as the OS, and the report even grouped the end points by site location! This all took less than 1 minute. So just right there it easily saved me 30 minutes or more versus looking at each end point one by one.

Hopefully this can help someone, and they won't have to go through the mundane steps I thought I may have had to take. My initial plan definitely was not an elegant one, or maybe even the wisest choice, but I am glad I found a better way.