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Hi everyone!

As a side project, i made an Advanced Report Generator for Atera in python that uses the API to generate beautiful csv/pdf reports and send them by email, microsoft teams or save them on a local path or network share. The best part is: it’s free! all you need is an atera account and your api key in hand and you’re ready to go!

github link:

it currently supports agent and snmp devices through multiple search parameters.

New features are coming soon such as TCP/HTTP device reports, statistics reports, device creation, scheduled reports on windows through the task scheduler and more.

Feel free to take a look at the code and give me feedback or propose features if you like this project. it’s been my baby for the last two weeks.

Thanks to the Atera team for making such an intuitive and well documented API. Yet another reason to love the Atera RMM, the best RMM i’ve used yet.



  • infovirtuel
    infovirtuel Member Posts: 3

    CLI Interface for scheduled tasks has been added in the latest build, to automatically generate those csv files and send them by email if necessary

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    Thank you @infovirtuel for working on this! This is great! I'm sure other Atera users will find this beneficial.

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    @infovirtuel Very cool stuff!

  • infovirtuel
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    Thanks Nina for your kind words!

    i'm still working on new features that will enhance atera reporting!

    I'm currently working on adding CPU Release dates and deprecation status to CSV Reports.

    This will help MSPs that needs to determine quickly if a computer needs to be changed,

    I have a roadmap on the github page for the next features i want to implement.

    Latest Features :

    Advanced CLI Interface (Scheduled Agents and SNMP reports through the Task Scheduler on windows)

    Operating System End of life included in CSV Report (Optional)

    Multiple search values per parameters separated by a comma (,) ex. OS Version: 2012,2019

    MacOS and Linux support

  • nina
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    Wow! So impressed! This is incredible @infovirtuel !