Splashtop Errors

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Hey all,

I've been trying to troubleshoot a couple Splashtop errors that seem to be randomly occurring across a variety of our managed devices.

The two main issues are as follows..

  1. Upon trying to connect, Splashtop will report the "RMM client is missing" - This occurs after reboots/reinstalls, and checking permissions. Splashtop will then work perfect on our own test devices.
  2. Similarly we are also noticing an error reporting "The session password is incorrect" - Which isn't even valid if we are using the credentials from Atera?

I was able to get the first issue resolved by having the end user go to Activity Monitor and end both the Atera and Splashtop processes.

The second issue randomly decided to resolve itself and has only occurred intermittently since..

I'm curious if anyone else has dealt with these before or can offer any advice?




  • Sarah_from_Atera
    Sarah_from_Atera Administrator Posts: 93 admin

    Hey @landon , Sarah from Atera here :)

    Please open a ticket with our support team either via chat or by emailing support@atera.com so they can look into this for you.

    Once they get back to you, it will be helpful if you can share the answer to help your fellow community members out!

  • tanderson
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    @landon The "The session password is incorrect" issue may be a group policy issue. We have several servers under management, and one of them we have atera on, but they are not a contracted client. We have our tools there to make it easier to remote in when the client calls because the server is headless, and walking them through getting us connected each time is a nightmare. That particular server is the only one that makes us use our domain account to sign in before connecting. I haven't looked into why because they are not contracted, and typing in the domain user info is no big deal, but I suspect it's a group policy. Your issue may be related to the same group policy.