An important update from Anna, Head of Content & Communications

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Hey Atera Community, 

I’m Anna, Atera’s Head of Content and Communications. In 2024, my team will be responsible for community management and moderation, which is extremely exciting for everyone here at Atera and me personally. I look forward to connecting with you and ensuring this community continues to grow, and benefit everyone involved.

Recently, we’ve been made aware of a few violations of our Community Guidelines, both in the form of public posts and within our community managers’ DMs. We have decided it is time to address these issues head-on. Our community is built on the principles of respect, collaboration, and professionalism, and we all must uphold these standards to maintain a positive and productive environment for everyone.

As a valued member of our community, your contributions play a crucial role in shaping the experiences of others. Whether you’re seeking help, sharing insights, or engaging in discussions, your actions impact the overall atmosphere of our platform. The community is here for everyone. That includes our community managers who work extremely hard to provide you with the best support in the most timely manner, while being helpful and respectful.

Moving forward, we are committed to reinforcing our Community Guidelines and taking necessary actions to address any violations promptly. This may include issuing warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans for repeated, or severe infractions.

We understand that mistakes can happen, and we encourage open communication and constructive feedback to help us improve. Please keep in mind that in some cases, the ability to share specific information relies heavily on other teams and strategic business decisions at Atera, which may result in delayed updates. 

We stand firmly behind the values of transparency and outstanding service, thus when possible, community members will be the first to know of any news relevant to our platform and services.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Community Guidelines, or notice any behavior that goes against these principles, please don’t hesitate to contact our moderation team!

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to making our community a welcoming and safe space for all.

Best regards,

Anna at Atera.

Feel free to reach out to me directly for any urgent matters,