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Welcome to the Atera Community. We're so happy you’re here!

This is a safe space where all our members are asked to abide by the rules listed below. Please familiarize yourself with our community guidelines:

No harassment. 

We are all professionals and we want everyone to have a positive experience here. We will not tolerate personal attacks on our community members. No bullying, sexism, racism or any other derogatory comments.

Speak kindly.

We welcome all kinds of discussions. Let’s use our collective knowledge to help solve difficult issues! Please refrain from using profanities.

Stay on topic.

Let's keep the conversation focused. Please don’t hijack posts.

Give credit where credit is due.

Say “thank you” and give acknowledgment where it’s due. 

To credit other members if you are building off their previous comments or if you want to draw them into the discussion, put the @ before a username.

Don't promote Atera's competitors. 

You can absolutely discuss how you leverage Atera and what software you have used or currently use in your business or industry, but please refrain from promoting other RMM and PSA solutions. 

No spam. 

This community is for exchanging ideas. Don’t spam people. This is not a marketplace, so please do not sell your services.

If you see something, say something. 

To report a violation, please:

  1. Select the flag icon on the lower left-hand side of the post
  2. Choose one of the following options: Report, Spam, or Abuse

If you have issues or suggestions about Atera’s community, content or policies, please contact us at We welcome your input! 

Please note, we will take action if you violate the above guidelines. Depending on how serious the transgression, we will either issue a warning or we may remove privileges and access to the community.   

Excited to have you with us!

Nina, Social & Community Lead