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Hey all,

TLDR: Cisco Umbrella using Secure Web Gateway prevents AnyDesk, Remote Powershell and other features in Atera. You need to whitelist Atera in DNS and Web Policies but also need to add it to the Selective Description List and add the Atera app and the URL's recommended.

We recently started deploying Cisco Umbrella which acts as full on Cloud Firewall, DNS Security and HTTPS inspection. However we noticed even after whitelisting the Atera app for Web and DNS policies, whitelisting domains, our remote connections (AnyDesk, Remote Powershell, etc) would not work. We enabled the advance log file collection thru the registry edit and found the TLS connections were being rejected. In essence Cisco Umbrella was doing a deep HTTPS inspection on the traffic from the end point to Atera's resources in the cloud. This process is enabled by using the Secure Web Gateway in Cisco Umbrella. Where you load the Cisco Umbrella Root certificate to the Trusted Root store on the clients.

To Fix Open up Umbrella → Policies → (Under Policy Components) Selective Decryption List. Add Atera to the Application list, and add the 18 URL located in the Atera Help article for Windows machines.

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.