Is anyone using Xero? How is it?

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We are looking for an alternative to Quickbooks online. It's awful. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  • tanderson
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    @CCIE5125 I enjoyed Freshbooks. We used it before switching to QBO. It was cheaper and looked/functioned much nicer. The only reason we switched was because QBO had more integrations that we needed. I have not looked back at Freshbooks lately to see if their integration list has been updated, but that was the only reason we switched.

  • scott
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    Weve been using Xero for around 3 years... It's great for what we need including the app (for immediate recording of receipts for reimbursement by staff).

    Integration with Atera also seemless and pickups all out stock items from Xero straight away. Billing works very well too for our monthly and one off invoices.