Migrating Webroot to BitDefender

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Looking for some ideas on how to tackle this without having to do it manually via Webroot/Atera console.

We currently have 200 devices using Webroot and would like to switch them over.

If I use the BitDefender installer, it prompts for a message asking user intervention to remove Webroot and doesn't work out of the box without intervention.

If I choose to remove remotely the endpoint via Webroot web console, it works if I wait for the agent to remove the AV, but it's pretty slow and there is a gap that the system doesn't have AV at all.

Also, I can't seem to find a .MSI for BitDefender to push via AD, the installers on the portal are all .exe

Has anyone done this migration before using Atera and what did you guys do?



  • dyoder
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    I haven't gone through this exact migration before. However, I would stick with the remote tools and wouldn't worry about a gap too much. Do you have the ability to run scripts or create a job of tasks to run on an endpoint from within Webroot? If so, you could start the remote uninstall and launch the installer for BD as soon as it's finished uninstalling.

    Not sure if that'll work… just thinking out loud.

  • nina
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    There is no direct migration. That said, you could install Bitdefender directly over Webroot and then Bitdefender will ask to uninstall the current vendor. LMK if that works!

  • kim
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    I have done this before and let my current AV uninstall a client that was subborn and wouldn't uninstall despite my requests. The only other way I've done it was through terminal in manual mode. Let the new AV do the heavy lifting. :)