Report that includes monitored devices and Custom Assets

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Hey there!

I'm looking for an inventory report that could I hand to a customer that shows all devices in Atera including monitored devices and Custom Assets?



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    @jim I've struggled with Atera's lack of adaquate reporting since I started with them. The best inventory report would probably be Reports → Classic Reports → Auditor → Export to CSV. Doctor it up however you like, then send it to the client. Personally, I won't send any of Atera's reports directly to a customer.

    The Classic Reports as they're generated cannot be edited. It would be nice to see some intelligence in these reports - like if there are no Mac or Server endpoints, don't include those sections in the report; or when exporting to PDF, make page breaks occur at section breaks instead of cutting a table in half arbitrarily (@nina or @Sarah_from_Atera - maybe a great place for AI or even just simple logic?).

    Unfortunately, I think the best way to get the data you're looking for is to export the Auditor to CSV and edit. And I don't use custom assets, so I have no idea if they would be included in this report or not.

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    @dyoder I agree the reporting is pretty weak which is sad because all of the info I want is in the portal, just need a way to extract it and make it presentable to my customers. My customers really love all the inventory reports, would be nice to include all the assets.

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    Good morning, Community! I use the export to CSV to gather my data and I incorporate it into my own reporting templates. I use a series of Excel data connectors and word templates to give me the pretty graphics that make sense for my clients, but I've been doing that for quite some time outside of me being an Atera user. It's a little more of a lift on my end, but I make it so that my clients can understand like the Atera dashboard.