Atera Agent on Chromebook

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Anyone tried installing the agent on a Chromebook? I know you can enable linux in the development settings. It would be nice, I have a few clients with them. Just don't want to get wrapped up in the whole google management utility. Thanks!



  • kim
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    Hi Jim!

    I actually haven't tried installing it on a chromebook before, but I believe I heard it's in the pipeline as a feature with the growing number of ChromeOS environments out there. I'm also curious if it will also work on Android tablets for MDM. That would be interesting as well.

    I also am not a fan of the Google Management environment. It is like you know there has to be a similar feature somewhere in the admin console like other management consoles, but it is not very intuitive.



  • nina
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    Hi @jim - This is a great idea! Please add it to our features board, or upvote here.