New Bitlocker script using Atera AI

Michael_G Member Posts: 2
edited December 2023 in Scripts

I used Atera AI to create a new version of the popular bitlocker script in the community library (pending review).

The current most popular version of this script will create a new bitlocker key and upload it to Azure.

The problem with this is Atera stores the incorrect key, especially if the device is offline. Also, if you backup the keys in your own documentation system such as Hudu the key will be incorrect.

This new code simply inserts a function to check if bitlocker is already enabled, and skips running the script if bitlocker is enabled already.

The reason this is important is with this new version of a script, you can set it to run on an automation profile on a regular schedule for easy set and forget bitlocker enabling.

Code here (please test before running a random persons code):