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Hey all,

Trialling Atera coming from Syncro and one of the great things we do is pull data from machines and populate our assets custom fields. As an example (and I know Atera does this nativley but I am looking for examples of how to do this to apply it to a range of custom fields we need), we poll a machine for its bitlocker key then store that in a custom field.

Can Atera do this, and if so, can anyone provide an example of how this is done? Cheers



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    Hey @ateradmin , Sarah from Atera here.

    Yes, you can populate any custom field using our API. You can see what this would look like below (currently the API is not open during the trial, you will only have access as a paid account).

    Regarding the BitLocker key, this is something that you can see in Atera directly. Check out the KB article to find out more.

    If you have any questions on this or anything else during your trial, please reach out to [email protected].

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    Thanks Sarah. Understand BL is something you include in the native dashboard, I am simply using that as an example. Do you have a PUT PS script you can share with me to look at? Cheers

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    Hey @ateradmin , the best place to get scripts like this are from the rest of the community!

    You can also check out our shared script library 🤓

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    Here is an example script, which creates an alert. It helped me understanding how "PUT" works.