Atera overview dashboard

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We are looking at generating a dashboard for some screens in our office, does anyone know a way of doing this


  • joseph.smith
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  • nina
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    Hi @kain - The simplest way (albeit a pricier option), is to purchase another tech license and use that technician to show the Dashboard that is built in to Atera.

    Another option is to use the API to create a dashboard; this requires API knowledge to create and set up.

    Hope this helps!

  • derek
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    Another way would be to connect a couple external monitors to one of the computers that you use Atera on. Most computers have additional graphics ports or you could use a usb to hdmi.

  • kim
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    This is similar to what I did. I actually got a micropc (like the ones you can get on amazon for $99 and is the size of a large USB stick), but was attached to an HDMI like a Fire stick, and had it logged into the dashboard on the Atera. I plugged that into a TV we had in a common area and it worked great! I had the device added into my Atera environment and could remote into it via the Agent to make updates. :)